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Located in Vernon County Wisconsin, Penticton Place is a family run farm. We started with horses, then expanded into raising goats, puggle puppies, and even ducks!



We offer riding lessons to people of all ages and levels. Training is also offered for those who want to improve their horse and rider relationship. Natural horsemanship methods are used to teach horses. Rather you want to brush up on your horseman skills, or need help starting that new yearling, Penticton Place offers the advice and knowledge you need.



​Penticton Place raises crossbred meat goats. Our does kid once a year, and raise their kids until they are weaned. Shots are minimal and the goat's climbing mountains are everywhere.



Puggles are an adorable cross between a pug and beagle. The result is the best of both worlds! A very affectionate, short haired, wrinkly puppy that is almost too smart for their own good! We have one litter of puppies a year, and allow them to be raised by their very caring mother, Teagun. Visit for more.


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